Kurashiki Fashion College



Applicant Guidelines





Let乫s learn about fashion comfortably in a textile city, 乬Kurashiki乭,

Okayama Prefecture called 乬The Land of Sunshine乭!!


Probabilities of natural disasters or nuclear damages are extremely low here.

This is the sunniest prefecture in Japan and its weather is calm.

Convenient access : 45 minutes between OkayamaOsaka (by bullet train)

Its production value of textile products is the best in Japan!

  &Kurashiki is a birthplace of Japanese denim

The birthplace of world-class companies like Kurabo and Kuraray.

No. 1 in school uniform manufacturing!!

Now, we are also No. 1 in domestic denim manufacturing!

Tokyo and Osaka are not the place of manufacturing, just consumption places. 

Okayama Prefecture where Kurashiki is located is the largest fashion manufacturing area

 in Japan!

You can also find jobs with Kurashiki companies which expand to the world!


Why don乫t you join us at Kurashiki Fashion College, the gateway to success in the fashion industry,

 which is located in such an environment?



丂丂丂The Educational Corporation College / Approved Special School in Okayama


Kurashiki Fashion College




Facultycourse termquota


Number of class hours of the year  1200 hours (entry after graduation from other faculty)






course term

Special garment course during first and second school years

Faculty of Technical

Fashion Design Course


two years

Fashion Couture Course

Faculty of



Fashion  Shop Business Course


Beauty Produce Course


Third school year


Special garment course  Faculty of Specialist


Total Fashion Pro Course


one year



Admission procedure


Entrance qualification

Those who have completed a more than twelve-year academic training or a course equal to the training

Application document

Application form specified by our school

Three photos (4 cm length and 3 cm wide)

Academic transcript of Kurashiki Language Academy

Examination fees

20,000 yen


Application period

From November 1

The application will be closed as soon as the number of applicants reaches the limit.

Selection process

Documentary examination

Interviewshort essay

Notificationof acceptance

The result will be sent to applicants by mail within ten days.




School expenses


Entrance examination fees20,000 yen


First school year

Second school year

Entrance fees

100,000 yen

Cost of equipment

150,000 yen

150,000 yen

Tuition fees (previous term)

240,000 yen

240,000 yen

Tuition fees (later term)

240,000 yen

240,000 yen

Learning material fees

  50,000 yen


 10,000 yen

  10,000 yen


790,000 yen

640,000 yen

  For any reason, we do not return fees of examination, entrance, tuition etc. which have been already paid. We, however, return tuition fees etc. except for those of examination and entrance to those who have declined admission before entering (before March 31).


Training program

Students whose attendance rate of the first year is over 80 percent, can receive a training program at a Japanese company for about a month during the second school year.


Employment record

Kurashiki including Kojima has many fashion companies where many of our graduates work.

< Major places of employment >

Sanbi CorporationNissen Co., Ltd.Bitou Inc.SPARKTRUE Co., Ltd.HOWA CorporationPau House Inc.SEIWA Co., Ltd.etc.


Scholarship system

 The Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Student Services Organization implements this system for students of our school, who have excellent personality and exam results, and who need financial assistance to continue studying in Japan. After the application is processed by us, 48,000 yen per month is given to them for a year.


Days off and days of school closed

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays

Closed in summer  From July 21 to August 31

Closed in winter    From December 25 to January 7

Closed in spring    From March 22 to April 6



Cooperation for students without N3

1. Introducing them to Kurashiki Language Academy

2. They study fashion at our school for two hours in the afternoon (5,000 yen per month) after taking lessons at Kurashiki Language Academy.





Faculty of Fashion Technical


*  Fashion Design Course

Technique of making accessories

Pattern cutting


Design picture

CAD grading


Fashion trend

color technique

Business manner

Free elective subject

Special cultural lecture


Pin work

CAD pattern making

CAD marking


Fashion history

Fashion apparel

General social studiesinstruction method


Formative design / clothing and accessories design / costume design / fashion drawing / fashion project / fashion design picture / draping / embroidery / fancywork / technical accessory

*  Fashion Couture Course

Clothing and accessories design / forming / fashion drawing / brand project / design contest / draping / uniform cap / design image / technical fashion / draping / technical accessory / total management

Faculty of Fashion Business

*  Shop Business Course

Shopping business / fashion project / coordinates / color image training / coloring / fashion marketing / business management / product planning / production management / marketing research / promotion plan / space display

*  Beauty Produce Course

Makeup image / modeling / makeup design / skin care / knowledge of skincosmetics / nail care / coloring technique / gel nail / personal color analysis / facial treatment / foot massage / body massage / color coordination / producing dress / flower arrangement / kimono dressing / total management / nail

Faculty of Fashion Specialist


*  Total Fashion Pro Course


Clothing and accessories design / forming / fashion drawing / draping / uniform cap / 3D drawing / design image / fashion illustration / color coordination / art flower / display / pinwork / trend estimation / clothing study / fashion apparel / invention for a contest / catwalk show project / CAD pattern making


Elective cultural subject

Kimono dressingtea ceremonyflower arrangementneedleworknail artcomputerfancywork of small articlesexerciseswimming etc.



丂丂丂The Educational Corporation College / Approved Special School in Okayama


Kurashiki Fashion College